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Adem Zaplluzha No words breathe

Adem Zaplluzha Asnje fjale nuk frymon

Lexo ketu

“Poetry appears as a direct recognition of the terrible secret which our life, captivated by cosmic secret, presents to itself.
(Roland de Penville)
“Give me a beautiful word and I will create poetry from it”, so, among other things, our great poet and my dear friend, Adem Zaplluzha, had stated in a TV show. From that valuable and rich presenter show, it is not by chance that I detached these very words to express in metaphor my worldview that I have for him, as a “creator always caught in a poetic trance”. Really, how to evaluate this poet differently? of our outstanding quality, and above all quantitatively prosperous, such as Adem Zaplluzha, who, together with this concrete work in publication, further enriches our visage of the overall national poetic creativity, participating there with a total 86 of his own works published in poetry. If you consider all this opus of poetic summaries published by a single creative author, you get the impression that you are dealing with a man who does not know vanity. Apparently, every step for him in life is contemplation, a special trance of spiritual concentration, this proper transcendental state, from which the poetic verse woven in poetry bubbles like consciousness.

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