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The psychology of success 1: how to make friends and gain people’s support by Dale Carnegie

Psikologjia e suksesit 1: si të krijoni miq dhe të fitoni përkrahjen e njerëzve

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The first book in this series aims to teach you how to build close emotional relationships with people, develop and encourage you to use untapped social skills. In this regard, the author starts from the knowledge that the way of communication of people in any society affects the way of life and education.

In his work, Dale Carnegie has empowered a large number of rules that could help or serve us to reach some other thoughts, ideas and ambitions, to easily and quickly make friends and support others, but also to avoid gossip, both in the public and private spheres.

The Psychology of Success is therefore a handbook that offers us some interpersonal forms with the help of which we can set in motion our activities and realize some primary needs or even more. In short, in front of us is an action book.

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