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Calmness Ismail Kadare

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In the novel “History” the author tells about the time when many people from the provinces of Albania settled in Tirana. Thus he tells about the life of a boy from a small mountain town named B. who came to study in Tirana. For the boy life in the capital was much better and more luxurious, but he was not used to that kind of lifestyle and everything seemed very different. So in one of the courses he was going to meet a very nice and nice girl so he asked them to go out together. The girl agreed and so in the evening they met together and went out into the city. The boy was very shy and had difficulty communicating with the girl. As they were talking together a mermaid alarmed the whole city. People huddled in various gardens and flats. Silence gripped the entire city. After a few moments two jets flew high in the sky with red and blue signals. With an unbridled fury the boy is flooded with thoughts like never before. For the first time in his life the boy managed to understand the history of his people after all those events. Those thoughts never left his mind.
The message of the book “Calmness” as well as the novel History is that through various events in our daily lives we manage to understand the history of the country and our people. Like the boy in the novel none of us knows everything about his country and the most beautiful or the most difficult moments are the best indicators for the people or the history of a country. Thus, the message that the author Ismail Kadare conveys to us through his writing is very beautiful and significant …

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