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The Count of Monte Cristo, – Volumes 1 and 2

Konti i Monte Kristos, – vellimi 1 dhe 2

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It is the year 1815. Louis XVIII has ascended the throne again, but he runs into opposition, which Emperor Napoleon, exiled on the island of Elba, intends to exploit. In Marseille, where civil disunity reigns, it is the most favorable moment for settling political and personal accounts. Thus, the sailor Edmond Dantes, on the eve of marriage, suddenly finds himself arrested and imprisoned in the castle of If, without knowing the reason… Published in 1844-1846, The Count of Monte Cristo recognized a success that has not faded never, thus becoming one of the most popular works of world literature. Abbot Faria, the never-happened escape, the treasure with which friends will be rewarded and traitors punished, the fabulous fate of Edmond Dantes; they have the simplicity and strength of great myths. A stunning narrator, both in the action of the work and in its dialogues, Dumas takes us with him without letting us catch our breath: from the cabinet of Louis XVIII to the smugglers’ Mediterranean, from the islands of Tuscany to the catacombs of Rome, then to the salons Parisian where the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo prepares his revenge…

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