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An hour to live – an hour to love by Richard and Kristine Carlson

Një orë për të jetuar – Një orë për të dashuruar

Lexo Ketu

If you had an hour to live and could make a call, who would you call? What would you say to him? Pre po pret? Richard Carlson’s sudden and tragic death in December 2006 shocked millions of his fans, and even their many letters of condolence could not alleviate the loss of his wife, Kristina. To alleviate her grief, she decided to settle and now takes care of publishing all the letters and memoirs exchanged for a quarter of a century, thus experiencing once again the emotions and keeping alive the memory of her late husband. In a deeply moving act during this process, she focused on a letter full of questions, which was given to her by Richard on the eighteenth anniversary of their marriage. Kristin responded to Richard’s letter with surprising emotion. If we look at it in more detail, within this special link, their publication in this book is a special gift to many people whose lives have been changed by the works published by Richard.

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