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B.A.Paris Behind closed doors

B.A.Paris  Pas dyerve te mbyllura 

  Lexo ketu

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He is handsome and rich, she full of charm and elegance. He is a devoted lawyer who has not lost any case, while she is an impeccable housewife, gardener and cook and very devoted to her disabled sister. Even though they are just married, it seems like they have it all. You may not want to like it, but this is exactly what will happen. You will be enchanted by the peace and comfort of their home, by the pleasant dinners they organize and you will have the desire to get to know Grace a little better. But it will be difficult when you realize that Grace and Jack are inseparable. This one of theirs, some may call love, while others may wonder why Grace never answers the phone or why she never goes out for coffee, even though it does not work. How is it possible that she cooks such delicious meals and is so elegant? Some, perhaps, wonder what really happens after the festive dinners and after the door of the house closes.

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