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Big lovers do not wear a wedding dress by Mitsi Valaka

Dashurite e medha nuk veshin fustan nuserie nga Mitsi Valaka

Lexo ketu

These are the love stories of the triangle, Sofia-Dioni-Kiveli. After losing her husband, Sofia learns that he had an extramarital affair. She is called Kiveli, a lawyer by profession, diametrically opposed to Sofian, but with an important knot. Angelo, the man they had separated for several years – although only Kivel knew of Sofia’s existence, the latter much later. On the one hand a beautiful woman seeking revenge in any form on her already dead husband. On the other hand a strong woman who seeks in every corner the memories of her lover, every corner and space where he has left his shadow. One lawyer and the other hairdresser. Here is how Mitsi narrates the form that love takes in two different environments and personalities, like Sofia and Kiveli: In hairdressing salons for women, love is a promise, a flame that they try to keep alive. Love here is alive. And in the lawsuits of Kivel clients, love is dead. Sofia tries to skillfully use the role she has with her work to nurture love. While Kiveli tries to masterfully use the death of love, she is the forensic doctor above the corpse of love. In Sofia’s environment love is celebration. In the Kivel environment love is punishment, it is the determination of harm…

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