Libra Shqip


Nëse do të qëndroj GAYLE FORMAN

Lexo ketu

There are those who believe in life after death, one can feel the presence of spirits or his guardian angel, There are also those who believe in miracles beyond life… Mia, seventeen years old continues to feel her life, manages to see to mentally touch people and the real world, lying in a coma inside the hospital bed. Although the car she was traveling with her family was destroyed by the terrible collision with a truck, Mia gets up easily from herself, stands on the side of the road , manages to see the lifeless bodies of her parents, the little villain with her eyes closed and herself hopelessly out of the car. Mia is in a coma, but her mind sees, hears, senses thoughts, and touches words as if they were alive. The passion for the cello, the dream of becoming a famous musician, the love of a guy who plays beautiful music like her. But she also remembers what she will not find in her reawakening: the warm sweetness of the father, the courage of the mother, the liveliness of little Ted, the emotions of the hours spent in love in the family. And he does not understand what is happening to him. What has it become? In a soul that spins in search of something inactive dot? Should he leave, or stay? For what is it worth to remain on earth, now that her beloved family will no longer exist, if she decides to wake up? is it worth enduring the pain or better yet letting yourself go? What is left for Mian to stay tomorrow?

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