Excerpts from the book “Finding Yourself” by writer Graham Garden

Excerpts from the book “Finding Yourself” by writer Graham Garden

Information about the book: Eliot’s life was spiraling out of control. He would give everything back to normal life. Already in the new school he is fortunate to find himself. Eliot will become inaccessible, strong, so that no one will offend or hurt him anymore. For the first time Eliot feels powerful. But power has a terrible price and it faces the dilemma: when to decide and how to use it. He triumphs, finds himself.

“Listen to me carefully, my son. I say what I think. There will always be people who will try to convince you that you can not do this or that. They will try to distract you by When I told my old boss that I wanted to start my own business, do you know what he said then? He said, “Good luck, you are. totally crazy! I will leave your workplace vacant, so that you have a place to turn to if you fall and break your nose. Should this be believed? “Eliot shook his head, as his father expected Eliot to do.” These are the expressions you have to face Eliot, my son, and to be more precise, all your life. “

“And sometimes the most serious problems are those that from the outside look so headless. People with the most convincing masks, sometimes can not take them off anymore. Do not worry so much. Each of us in the morning, before leave the house, put on his weapon.This is a simple fact.Some people are more successful with them than others, that’s all.But some people need help and arming prevents them from praying for help “And I can not bear the thought that someone would reach out to me for help… and I would not notice.”

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