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The sins of Mrs. Emma by Mirela Kani

Mekatet e zonjes Ema – Mirela Kanini

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The family crisis does not discriminate. It also affects families who do not have financial problems. Emma’s character is a woman who at first sight has everything: success, money, regular family, but in itself she feels unfulfilled.

Everything she has achieved in life seems insufficient to her to be happy. In search of herself she finds the love of her life that will change everything. Emma’s character, through events that take unpredictable turns, will introduce you to the spiritual recesses of her world.

This book will keep you in tension all the time and you will not miss it. You will be fully involved in Emma’s struggle between what is right and moral and what her heart desires.

Should we sacrifice the social standards and moral values ​​with which we are molded, or should we break taboos and barriers to a little happiness? Is spiritual freedom a deviation from the traditional or is it an individual right, since the chance of living is given to everyone only once?

Through various events from Emma’s life the reader will draw their own conclusions about what to follow in life.

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