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Power and knowledge Michel Foucault

Pushteti dhe dija Michel Foucault

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On the book
The least that can be said is that we are dealing with a text, among others, political (enough to note, only in a few sentences, the excess of political terminology: law, right, monarch, tyranny, sovereignty). We are dealing with the outline, the unfolding and the proposal, but also with the staging of a text policy, in the naturally dual sense of this gender: the political functioning of the text and the different ways of its presentation, as well as the need for a the political relationship with the texts and towards them.

The order of the lecture, after being held as an inaugural lecture, was published (as is the tradition) as a separate book, Omnes et singulatim, a conference held at an American university and was originally published in English and is part of the Dits et escrits collection, from which we have taken along with the critical notes of the publishers; while the Lectures of January 7 and 14, 1970, translated in full and with the critical apparatus according to the official publication of the lectures, bring some color to Foucalt’s living speech, making the progress of thought in the work more tangible .

About the author
Michel Foucalt (1926 – 1984), French historian and philosopher associated with structuralist and post-structuralist movements had a major impact not only on philosophy but also on a host of social sciences and humanities disciplines.

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