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After the death of the “Sun King” Louis XIV in 1715, France was found before
complete bankruptcy. This king of France unlike the others did not aim
achieve fame through wars. He was meant to be remembered
his rule with greatness and splendor, to stand out as the leader of classicism
French. He really managed to do such a thing by raising it
extremely much the prestige of France in every aspect not only as a power
political, but also as one of the most cultured nations. However, he all
he achieved this with economic and financial destruction. After him France remained in debt
Mil 3 billion (roughly as much as today’s francs).
An Irishman convicted of murder manages to take refuge in France and convince him
the French government that it is able to save its economy. In that time
private banks controlled the country’s supply of money in which they were
stored the required amount of gold.

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