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Rexhaj Albatros Mrs Z

Rexhaj Albatros Zonja Z

Lexo ketu

This book is the most essential manifestation of the urban philosophy of the author Albatros Rexhaj. Our narrator, a writer, meets the love of his life and no longer writes. She completes it and he no longer feels the need to write. These two twin souls, holding hands, face Albanian prejudices and taboos. Their conversations raise a number of important dilemmas and questions: on the position of women in Albanian society, on the moral pseudo-values ​​raised on pedestals, on the hypocrisy of the crowd and the ubiquitous power games. The main leitmotif of this conversation is feminism. Feminism is often talked about in Albania, but how close to reality are these public debates, when in the homes of Albanians, women are still, not only unequal, but submissive, physically and psychologically? And who is responsible for this? Only men, or perhaps even women themselves, our mothers, have a great deal of responsibility? Why is a woman who lives her sexuality freely stigmatized as a slut, while a man who does the same is admired? Our two heroes also talk about the fatigue they feel when they fight to change their world, when they encounter judgmental and moralizing silence, which excludes them and makes them feel lonely. This is the battle of many others and the sad ending of this story sounds like an alarm bell.

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