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Verity by Colleen Hoover

Louen Ashley is a young writer who faces financial difficulties. Suddenly, an offer comes to him that he cannot refuse, because it will bring him an income that he never imagined
never. Jeremy Crawford, the husband of the successful writer Verity Crawford, hires him to finish the book series of his wife, who has suffered a car accident with serious health consequences. Louen arrives at the Crawford house determined to find help in Verity’s notes to get started on the books. She doesn’t even have the idea that in the chaotic studio of the well-known writer, she is not waiting for the notes for the books, but her autobiography, which she had written with the idea that no one would read it. Page after page reveals chilling accounts, including a detailed account of the night the Crawford family’s life would change forever.
Louen decides not to hand over the manuscript to Jeremy, but as her feelings for him grow day by day, she realizes that he must read what her friend has confessed. However devoted he may be to the sick woman, a truth so ghastly is sure to uproot his love for her.

A book that creeps you out, as only Colleen Hoover knows how to write. I had been waiting to read a thriller like this for years. – Tarryn Fisher, writer.

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