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Mark Manson The subtle art of not giving a fuck

Mark Manson Arti i brishte i not giving a fuck

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For decades we have been told that the key to a happy and prosperous life is to think positively. But this has come to an end. “Fart positivity,” says Mark Manson. “To be honest; “Sometimes, the things in our lives are shit and we have to learn how to live with them.” In recent years, Manson – through his highly acclaimed blog – has worked to correct our false assumptions about ourselves and the world. Now, he presents the hard-earned wisdom in this groundbreaking book. Manson argues that – backed by academic studies and timely jokes – improving life does not depend on our ability to make lemonade from lemonade, but on learning how to better digest lemons. Human beings have flaws and limitations – as he writes: “Not everyone can be extraordinary; “In our society there are winners and losers and in part, this is neither your right nor your fault.” Manson advises us to learn our limitations and accept them. He says this is the real source of strength. When we embrace our fears, guilt, and insecurities — when we do not shy away from painful truths but face them — we can find the courage and confidence we so desperately seek. “In life we ​​have a certain number of things for which we can make ends meet. “So we have to choose them wisely.” Manson brings a direct and honest discussion, filled with fun stories and with a profane and ruthless humor. This manifesto is a refreshing buffet for everyone, in order to start a more satisfying and more down-to-earth life.

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