Libra Shqip

A love killed Pandeli-Pierre Simsia

Një dashuri e vrarë  Pierre Pandeli Simsia

Lexo ne shqip ketu

Dorina loved the charming Saimir very much, especially in those fiery moments when their naked bodies were united in one. The great pleasure she was feeling in those moments was often preceded by her remorse, as an obstacle to
the decision he had made. It was exactly that obstacle that entered and required duel with love. Although at times remorse forgot to strike love, it was clear that he had lost the battle, because love with its feelings and strength was triumphing, overcoming remorse.
What about Dorina herself, how would she get out of that fight, won or lost ?! She could not explain this, even though she had next to her the man of her heart, the man whom she was forgiving love, happiness, pleasure, the man who was promising a happy, unimaginable future, royal future…

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