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Celeste NG Unwritten Diary

Celeste NG Ditar i pashkruar

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Selected by the publishers of the New York Times Book Review as the winner of the “Alex” Award Selected as the best book of the year by NPR San Francisco Chronicle Entertainment Weekly, The Huffington Post, Amazon, Buzzfeed, Grantland Booklist, St. Louis Post-Disptach, Shelf Awarness, Book Riot School Library Journal, Bustle, Time Out New York all to the initial question: what happened to Lydia? … A masterpiece! ” – Los Angeles Review of Books “Extremely touching … A masterfully written work that analyzes the disagreements and grief of a family. “Everyone who has experienced a family drama will find themselves there.” -The Boston Globe “Very deep. With skill and persuasive force, the author illustrates how some gaps in communication can never be filled. ” – San Francisco Chronicle “In this novel, the author has set herself two goals: to bring an exciting book and to tell a story beyond the event that happened … Here we see the deceased portrait of a family trying to find the place her in history, and of a young girl hoping to accomplish this. “After all, this is a novel about the heavy burden of being the first of its kind, a burden that does not always survive.” – Alexander Chee, the New York Times book review “An accomplished work … A sad work. Celeste Ng manages with her ability to build such a complex novel, which belongs to different generations. “The Unwritten Diary is a fun book that sheds light on the secrets that keep an American family together and at the same time divide it.” – Los Angeles Times “A mysterious story and a deep insight into the life of a mixed family … an explosive act.” – Entertainment Weekly “A book full of mastery and emotion … The themes of socialization brought by the author intertwine to tell a felt and full of emotion story.” – O. The Oprah Magazine

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