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Stefania Auci The Lions of Sicily

Stefania Auci Luanet e Sicilise

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Landed in Palermo by the Calabrian Banja in 1799, the Floriots aim to be the richest and most powerful. Brothers Paolo and Injacio turn their business into the best in town, buying homes, land and establishing their own cruise company. When Paolo’s son Vincenzo takes over the management of the “Florio House”, the rush never stops in the “Florio” canteens, a poor wine turns into nectar worthy of a king’s table. Floriove’s achievements, but pride fades from the envy and contempt of others: those successful men remain “foreigners” nonetheless. Palermo does not know that it is the fervent desire to have a worthy place in society that underlies Floriove’s ambition and marks, for better or worse, their lives. The men of this family are extraordinary people, but at the same time fragile, although they do not accept it, and they need to have equally extraordinary women near them, such as Giuseppe, Paolo’s wife, who sacrifices everything, even love, for them. keeping the family together, or Julia, the Milanese girl who abruptly enters Vincenco’s life and turns for him into a safe harbor, into an inviolable rock.

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