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Lexo ketu

Eh, until now, in vain I thought you knew me well, but you are not cognitive
of souls, as you say. I was really lost in memories, I felt like I had
miss these roads. And I was saying how long I had not come. Eh, how long
they take these studies from me and …. and you, – he said, returning it one by one.

  • How bad you are, Diamond! While I, in vain had hoped to miss in any
    moment we are not together …
  • I miss you too, stupid, so I told Dorina that I would come with you
    on her birthday. She was so happy that she told me she would not open the door for me if she did
    it was not you. It ‘s still like a child.
    Mimosa opened her face. They had time with Diamond, but it was the first time since
    was visiting his family, home and the city where her boyfriend was born and raised.
    As if he had a shyness and his heart was beating as fast as it was before the exam. It was in
    the second year of studies for psychology and Diamond had known him in the library of
    the city where they studied together. He had liked it from the first moment.
  • Mmm … it seems to me that this is where the pleasant aromas of mom’s kitchen are coming from
    my, – said Diamanti with his eyes slightly pierced with pleasure. After a few moments Mimoza
    saw that they had stopped in front of a large gate, painted green.
    “Will you ring the bell?” He told Diamanti.
  • Yes. I want Dorina to open the door for us.
    Less than ten seconds had passed when a girl’s head appeared behind the open door
    pleasant, that was dancing from happiness. Her thick yellow hair was falling out carelessly
    across his face as the joy was clearly seen in his big black eyes, which laughed as if
    Nice lips. Suddenly the blonde jumped on her brother’s neck.
    “Slow down, because he drowned me,” Diamanti urged, returning the hug. – In vain that
  • you are turning eighteen, you are still a real baby, – he said, pulling out her cheeks.
  • For you I will always be small, in vain to grow up. But, do you know what? It started to me
    like now that I’m getting older. I want to always be small. Tiny at all. Ha, ha … –
    then, looking sweetly at the girl next to Diamond, he said to his brother: – But you do not want
    do you know me with your girlfriend? I see that the capital has not learned anything from you etiquette …
    Ha, ha, ha, ha – the girl kept laughing.

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