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POLEN WOMAN The painful relay of a Parisian love.Sotir Athanasi

A shocking story of the late ’90s. Two French women, physician mother and daughter, come to Durrës Beach as “tourists”. In fact, they are brought here by concern for the fate of the Albanian husband of the Mother, and the Father for the thirty-year-old daughter that he has never seen. The question is: Will they meet them? Here is a fragment of the novel: -Where was my father, where?/ -He was near the house and he was turning his cape in a circle to attract my attention with the call: -Marseille, can you hear me?/ I would answer him: -Yes, here is my savior . He shouted: – That’s it, Marseillais! And yes, with that sweet voice: Zhetem Julio, Zhetem, my son! / Physics had remained frozen. – And?… – she finally asked with a low voice, even less breath, which was kept suspended and frozen blood in her veins – And repeated. But the poet was silent for a moment…

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