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Suzana Kuqi Souvenir

Suzana Kuqi Suvenir

Lexo ketu

The quiet night without the moon, but still with bright stars, and the sea with nanowave waves caressing the shore a few steps away, were quite the opposite of what was happening in the soul of the woman released on the sand, where black and charged clouds rushed and gathered preparing the inevitable storm. She foresaw something bad, and although there was no one around to breathe except her, she was aware that that calm was nothing but that frozen time suspended before the first drops began and the storm broke out. “I have to take something stronger, this dose does not work for me anymore.” She was not old, but not young enough not to know that youth is given once and then taken, it was not in her hands. For the others … what she had lost, or what she could have lost once and for all if she had continued like this, was her fault. Famous and successful for a while, she started as a top model at a young age, she left her studies, then she was a stylist, financially supported by her rich father and then her husband, but also fame and success, life gives you with effort and you take it easily, however they cannot be eternal. As for the rest, the one that gripped her heart in a ruthless walrus … Oh god, how I have become! He felt the wind murmur under the weight of a few steps and he started walking.

                - Whores! - he spat, - brought the money?
                 "No," said the woman in a low voice.

The man punched her in the face, the woman lost her balance and fell.
– Please do not! – she groaned.
Ignoring her screams, he kicked her furiously until she was tired and out of breath. Then he leaned over her and pulled her by the hair.
– Go and get your husband!
– Do not give me!
– I want money tomorrow night! Woe to you if you do not bring me here!
He dipped his head in the sand of the beach and left. The woman waited until she disappeared into the darkness and got up to take your feet. His whole body ached. The effect of the dose she had taken was running out and she needed another. He had no money, he had run out and his credit cards were blocked. He went into the sea. The water with the warmth of the evening seemed to ease his pains and clear his thoughts. He would go home and do whatever they said. Then … he missed the little ones, they did not judge him, enough to be at home. It’s time to go back, he thought to wash his bloody elbows. Her husband, doing so much for her, he was married to work. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Would it be better … to dive in and not go out anymore? Would they feel sorry for him when they found him drowned? Why he had to think this, their problem. His feet took him deeper and he felt the water reach his waist. How he had loved the sea. He was great, he would make room for him and forgive him. Suddenly a strong wind rose and she looked up at the sky. A spot shining like a big eye was approaching, and in the center of it a dark black baby was growing. It seemed to swallow even the light of the stars. Frightened, she ran to the shore, but the water slowed her movements. A gust of wind swept over him and lifted him up. Terrified without the rapidly escaping sea surface … it would not be her grave …

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