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The pianist by Elfriede Jelinek

Pianistja nga Elfriede Jelinek

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Erika Kohut, a girl in her late thirties, teaches piano at the Vienna Conservatory. But her life and freedom are seized by her mother’s dictates and her dubious passion for art is locked in the prison of the pentagram. The contradictions that her nature carries are the thread of a shocking novel, due to an impossible love story with her student, Walter Klemer. Most of the time in the novel, she is nameless, she is SHE. Erika Kohut has no life of her own, she has no control over herself, and instinct and silent revolt lead her to self-destruction, turning her into the protagonist of a story built on masochistic fantasy. What he cannot fulfill during the day and openly, he seeks at night and hidden in the streets of Viennese brothels. “The Pianist”, this ironic and poignant story, written with an abundance of metaphors, is a psycho-analytical and literary parody of mother-daughter relationships.

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