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Mrs. Bovari Gustav Flober

Zonja Bovari Gustav Flober

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Mrs. Bovari (Published by: Argeta LMG in 2008)
Authors: Gustav Flober
Translator: Viktor Kalemi
A novel with deep psychological character. In this novel, the actions of the characters are not so important as their states. The action, the event, the occurrence, i.e. the subject moves within the world of the character. The essence of Emma Bovaria is the constant dreaming, life with illusions and disappointment from them. The phenomenon of dreaming and disappointment in life (bovarism) is named after this character. For Flaubert, Emma is a victim of worthless romantic pamphlets and the mesmerizing social environment, but also the embodiment of falsity, selfishness and sentimental whimsy, so he sympathizes with (and, better, pities) and criticizes her at the same time.

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