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Paris Cathedral of Victor Hugo

Katedralja e Parisit Viktor Hygo

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In 1482, during the Festival of Jokers in Paris, Quasimodo, the backbone of Notre Dame, is elected Pope of Jokers because he is the ugliest man in Paris. The crowd places him on a throne and walks him around Paris. Pier Grenduari, a poet and philosopher, tries in vain for the crowd to see the play he has prepared instead of the parade. Cardinal Claude Frolo shows up, stops the parade, and orders Quasimodo to return to the Cathedral. While he is looking for something to eat, Grendurit notices the beauty of Esmeralda, a gypsy dancer, and decides to follow her home. Suddenly Esmeralda is attacked by Quasimodo and Frolo. Grenduri rushes to help him, but falls unconscious from Quasimodo’s blow. Frolo ja mbath. Meanwhile the King Archers led by Febys arrive. They catch the cord. Meanwhile later that night a group of thieves are ready to hang Grenduar, but Esmeralda helps him. She agrees to marry him for four years, as this would save her life.

The next day Quasimodo is taken to court. He has to spend two hours of torture in the Strike Square. He prays for water, but no one helps him, until Esmeralda steps forward and brings him something to drink. At that moment, a woman with a bag on her body calls Esmeralda “child thieves” and accuses her of kidnapping her daughter 15 years ago.

A few months later Esmeralda is dancing in front of the cathedral when Febys calls her to approach him. She has fallen in love with him and blushes when he asks her to meet him later that night. Frolo looks at them from the top of Notre Dame and becomes jealous. He has an insatiable desire for Esmeralda that makes him see her as the witch who has cursed him.

In a secret cell inside the cathedral he plans to trap Esmeralda and make her his own. At night he follows Febys along the way to meet Esmeralden and stabs her several times. He manages to escape while Esmeralda is captured by the king’s guards.

After being tortured during the trial Esmeralda is forced to admit the false accusations of killing Febys. She also admits that she is a witch. She is sentenced to death and will be hanged in Strike Square. Frolo visits him in prison and declares his love for him. He begs her to love him, but she rejects him and calls him a murderer. Before being hanged, Esmeralda must be humiliated in front of Notre Dame. She distinguishes Febys from the crowd and calls out. He survived the attack but does not want others to know he was injured. Febys leaves Esmeralda and enters his future wife’s house. Just then Quasimodo is lowered with a rope, kidnapped, taken to the cathedral and shouted “Shelter!”. He had fallen in love with her when she had helped him.

Esmeralda cannot be executed as long as she stays inside the cathedral. At first she finds it difficult to even look at Quasimodo, but over time they become friends. Even though he is deaf, he likes to stand by her when he sings. Meanwhile, a group of gypsies decide to save Esmeralda when they learn that Parliament has decided to remove her from the cathedral. When Quasimodo sees them he thinks they have come to kill Esmeralda and defends himself as best he can, killing many of them. Frolo, meanwhile, has taken advantage of the situation to remove Esmeralda from the cathedral. He offers her two options: either she means she loves him or she will depend on him.

Esmeralda demands to be executed and he leaves leaving her with her sister Gudule. They discover that they are mother and daughter. Gudula tries to protect her daughter but it is too late. When Quasimodo learns of Esmeralda’s death he kills Frolo, then disappears forever. A few years later some undertakers who came to search for the body of Oliver le Den found two embracing skeletons: one was the skeleton of a woman and the other the skeleton of the spine.

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