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Once upon a time in the village of Ylli called Hapësira lived several thousand inhabitants, rich and very happy. Among them were two spouses with their eight children, who were not as rich as the others, but they too were happy, as they hoped for the future of their children. They were quite polite and respected the morsel of bread their parents brought them. They dreamed that one day they would eradicate all suffering and they would never miss anything in the house and the magic of bread.
After they grew up, one day everyone left for the curves and took different directions, thinking that they would be found for employment faster and easier. The day they parted, a stream of tears flowed, promising much to each other and loving parents. Thus began the first journeys, but with promises in everyone’s head.
After they left, a heavy shadow fell on the house because it no longer had the previous liveliness.
They had already left and were traveling in eight different directions. Crossed plains, mountains, cities, provinces, and even some states, but in vain. None of them found a job or a suitable place to live. Even though so many places had passed, it seemed that they had not seen anything, as their parents and brothers and especially their much-loved only sister were constantly in sight. They thought that one day, when they returned, they would fill the house to the brim, as they would have so much money in their pockets that they would never spend it.
They stopped in the first place after Space and looked for work, but everywhere they encountered behind closed doors. Tired and exhausted, they continued down the curve hoping for a happier life. Fatigue and toil began to gradually take away from the brain the parents and the birthplace, the beloved home and yard full of flowers with beautiful fragrance and colors.
The journeys went on full of fatigue, suffering and exhaustion from the work they did as much as the bite of the mouth. In fact, it often happened that the daily gain was not enough to quench the hunger of that day.
Loneliness and poverty aroused their love to learn all that their eyes could see, so they began to no longer tire of the morsel of their mouths or of their past. Day by day, with the knowledge gained they do wonders, they stood out to all the inhabitants of that place and their fame grew and grew. In the beginning it was all right and there was a happiness from the successes in the field of science and technology. Someone used this success for occupying purposes, so one day that extermination war began for all the humanity of those countries. With their skills they remained alive but lonely. Day by day they grew old and wrinkled from suffering and loneliness. They began to walk through the lands of those lands that had been left desolate, but in many places there were inscriptions with their names as a sign of respect for scientific achievements. Finally, without their knowledge, those places named after the children who came from the village of YLLIT – HAPSIRA. They walk for days, weeks, May …, but they did not find anything alive. None of them fulfilled the wish and the trust they had left to each other …

Excerpts from the children’s novel “Spaceship”

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