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Ferenc Molnar The boys of street Pal

Ferenc Molnar Djemte e rruges Pal

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Every child’s life is full of imagination and fantasy which are a huge treasure. In the childish spirit of Boka, who longed for Nemecek’s bank, vague feelings were aroused for the first time. This thing called life was very strange. Sometimes it fills us with joy and sometimes it fills us with sorrow. Boka had already realized that no matter how hard we try in life, we have no choice but to accept our destiny and believe in it.
He was born on January 12, 1878 in Budapest, into a Jewish-Hungarian family of the middle bourgeoisie. His father, a well-known doctor, sent him to Switzerland to study law, but he, at a very young age, chose to work as a journalist.
He is the author of many successful humorous comedies, which appeared in Hungary, Austria, Germany and the United States and made him quite popular.
His first novel was The Hungry City (1900), followed by The Story of an Ownerless Boat (1901). But he became very famous only with “Street Boys Pal” (1907) where he tells the life of small characters, oppressed by arrogance and social injustices.

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