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The Genealogy of Morality by Friedrich Nietzsche

Gjenealogjia e moralit nga Friedrich Nietzsche

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The Genealogy of Morals, a seemingly smooth-flowing work by Friedrich Nies, is a pleasure to read and immediately understood. Simple reasons, ups and downs not only arouse interest and excite, but also make you think. Through this work, one practically analyzes a certain thought. Nie sheds light on the specific life of a man, generalizes gigantic thoughts and plays with them, always with a high language. His thoughts in the Genealogy of Morality, you say, you want to have them at every step of your life. Here, the incomparable value of the book! Nie is interesting and useful in several ways. It helps especially in the organization of the personality, in the recognition and manifestation of its properties, in the philosophical examination of the phenomena of life and its nature, in the usefulness of morality to a person for his spiritual organization, in the character and strength of man as a being. high and in its development, in its surprising stability towards morality and other phenomena of life. Friedrich Nie is a great author and a great thinker. Through this powerful treatise, not with fragments of life, but with subjects of powerful thoughts and meditations, he raises opinion, fights as in a glorious epic and always turns his face away from evil. Let’s not forget that a person often has an internal, spiritual need, especially, to examine himself, the problems that surround him, the confused appearance, as well as the meditative states. Nie is spiritual gymnastics, ennoblement of feelings, a brave warrior, a leader to lead.

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