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Self-reliance Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mbështetja në vetveten Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Ignoring the guys who are safe for a dinner, and who will
disgusted like any gentleman to do or say something to do for themselves
that dinner, is the healthy human attitude. A guy in the salon is her
which is the stage in the theater; independent, irresponsible, looking at them from an angle
his people and facts as they pass, he judges and punishes them accordingly
merits, in the immediately summative manner of the boys, as good, of
bad, interesting, stupid, orators, troublemakers. He does not burden himself
never for consequences, for interests: he gives independent, frank verdict. You have to
vardisesh: he does not vardisesh you. But man is trapped in prison with the consciousness of
vet. Once he has acted or spoken brilliantly, he is a person of
devoted, viewed by the sympathy or hatred of hundreds, his feelings
who now have to log into his account. There is no Lethe (river of forgetfulness)
for this. Ah if he could go back to his neutrality! He who can
avoid all oaths, and after having observed, observe again from
the same chastity uninfluenced, impartial, unsold, and e
fearless, should always be admirable. He would express them to me
words opinions in all the affairs that pass, which, looking as if not
were private, but necessary, would be thrown like arrows at the ear of
people, and would frighten them.

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