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Anna Premoli All the flaws I love about you

Anna Premoli Te gjitha te metat qe dashuroj tek ti

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Putting sticks under his family’s wheels is a real art for Ethan Phelps, an art he has perfected over the years. When his father dies without leaving any will, the son inherits his share in a multinational company. But it immediately becomes clear that Ethan does not tell him about business. He spends his evenings in bars offering drinks to everyone and paying salty bills, re-furnishing his luxury apartment without worrying about expenses and spending time in the company of useless people. But, one fine day, when he goes drunk to the shareholders’ meeting, the family members are convinced that the time has come to take drastic measures. The first step is to appoint an administrator to take care of his property. After several failed attempts, a young and pleasant lawyer specializing in corporate patents, Sara Giovanni, is selected. Sarah is a determined man and is not influenced by Ethan’s behavior. The open clash between them starts very quickly: he will not change his way of life, and she never allows himself to take orders from a braggart like him. Thus, little by little, the tension peaks. Although the relationship between them is destined to turn into something much more complex and exciting … About the author Anna Premoli was born in 1980 in Croatia. He lives in Milan where he graduated in economics of financial markets at Bocconi University. He has worked at J. P. Morgan and, since 2004, at a private bank. “Please Let Me Hate You” was the phenomenon book of 2013, which stayed for many months in the top of the best-selling book rankings. While a film company in Colorado got the rights to turn it into a movie. The book won the “Bancarella” award.

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