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Barack Obama The Audacity of Hope

Guximi per te shpresuar, Barack Obama

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“No American leader, since President John F. Kennedy’s Profile Profile Courage, has written a clearer, sharper, and more invigorating political treatise than Barack Obama’s Courage of Hope.

The pages of this book contain well-balanced analyzes of the long-term effects of the past on today’s American realities, deep insights into today’s complex and challenging world, and, above all, an inspiring vision of the endless possibilities of tomorrow. . Moreover, with the election results of November 4, 2008, this challenging book opens a window through which we can see the moral and social principles that will guide the first African-American president-elect in the history of the United States.

Being a true African-American and a true admirer of the Albanian people, I enthusiastically congratulate the Albanian translation of this outstanding work, which I recommend to all those who wish to know better this man, who, I have no doubt , will be a true friend of Albania. “

John L. Withers, Ambassador of the United States of America to Albania

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