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Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman Inteligjenca Emocionale

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Does the IQ determine our fate? Not as much as we might think. The world bestselling author Daniel Goleman draws our attention to the fact that our perspective on human intelligence is very narrow. The reason is that we ignore a range of skills that have a very large impact on the progress of our lives. Today, many years after the work was first published, the term “emotional intelligence” has become part of our everyday speech. Relying on scientific research that brings innovations in the field of the study of brain function and human behavior, Goleman sets out the factors that make a person with high IQ not achieve anything great in life, while one with The average IQ captures the peaks of success. These factors, which include self-knowledge, self-control, and empathy, give another meaning to being “wise.” Although its foundations are built from childhood experiences, emotional intelligence can be nurtured even in adulthood. The benefits it will bring us in health, in relationships and at work can be immediate.

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