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Anna Frank Diary of Anne Frank

Anna Frank Ditari i Ana Frankut

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In 1940 Germany invaded the Netherlands and immediately began enforcing anti-Jewish laws. Anne Frank’s father, fearful of the family, struck a deal with his business associates to continue working in a secret place until the war was over. They hoped the war would end soon, but it did not. They had to stay for more than two years in a row in the hiding place. A few months before the Frank family started hiding, Anna was given a birthday diary. She called her diary Kitty and wrote in everything that happened to her and her family. No one knows exactly how it came about that after two and a half years of shelter, someone told the Nazis about the Frank family’s whereabouts. The Nazis went to the place where the Franks were, took them and sent them to a concentration camp. Miep Gies, Frank’s family friend, found Anna’s diary and hid it in a safe place, as she hoped Anna would return after the war ended. But of the Frank family, only Otto’s father survived. His wife was killed at Auschwitz. Ana and her older sister lost their lives in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, just days before the camp was vacated. Otto Franku, at the suggestion of some friends, allowed his daughter’s diary to be published, becoming immediately known.

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