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The Highland Lute Poem by Gjergj Fishta

Lahuta e Malsisë nga Gjergj Fishta

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Malcís’s epic Lahuta describes the wars of two generations, but her songs rather tell special events. It is not a poem that has a main action and a main hero, such as the great epics. Lahuta’s heroes are numerous: Oso Kuka, Marash Uci, Dedë Gjo Luli, Tringa, Abdyl Frashëri, Ali Pashë Gucia, who are functionally similar in their work, because they have the peculiarities of Albanian heroism. The work begins with the singing of Albanian heroism for him defended its lands from Montenegrin attacks, concentrated in northern Albania, but is expanding in space and time to capture Albanian events and qualities. The work begins with the treatment of a province, to expand into the ethnic Albanian whole; begins with the treatment of the manhood of an environment to arrive at the concept of the nation.
In this way, Lahuta e Malcís becomes a work for the anthem of Albanian permanence, or a project of Albanian ideality and desire of Gjergj Fishta, which is not limited to time zones or space. The work is based on three types of songs: 1) historical, 2) kreshnik, 3) authorial. Lahuta e Malcís is an epic work with a dramatic internal construction where the actions, dialogue, short description, and spoken language turned into written language that has the signs of the speaker’s emotionality, approachable to the character of the characters. Adhering to this model and this style, Fishta adds to his text the dense or short forms of oral literature, not as a quotation, but as an superstructure, usually more powerful in the form of congratulations and curses.

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