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L.N.Tolstoy War and Peace

L.N.Tolstoj Lufta dhe Paqja

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War and Peace is a historical novel that tells of the turbulent events in Russia during the Napoleonic Wars in the early nineteenth century. Based on an aristocratic lifestyle that had already begun to disappear by the time Leo Tolstoy wrote his book in the 1860s, the novel summarizes a relatively short period – fifteen years – but presents the lives of different characters from all segments of society with vivid and well-realized details.

The novel reflects the confrontation of a generation with change, which makes some struggle to protect the existing structure even with their lives, while others realize that the old ways are disappearing.

Partly history lectures, partly wonderful romance, partly battle revisionism, and partly philosophy lectures, War and Peace continues to captivate generations of readers who are seduced by the captivating narrative and clear and intelligent understanding of the human soul.

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