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Kristin Hannah Daughter of the Pyrenees

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She does not believe that the Nazis will invade France, but they flood in with numerous military troops, caravans of trucks and tanks, planes that fill the skies and bomb the innocent. When a German captain takes refuge in Vienna’s house, she and her daughter must live with the enemy, otherwise they lose everything. Without food, without money and without hope, as the danger escalates, to keep the family alive she is forced to make painful decisions from time to time. Vienna’s sister, Izabela, is an eighteen-year-old rebellious girl, seeking to give meaning to life with her passionate youthful passion. As thousands of Parisians escape the horrors of war, she meets Gaeton, a partisan who believes the French can organize inside the country in the war against the Nazis, and falls in love with her as it only happens to young people. . . head and feet. He promises to take her to war, but changes his mind and disappears. Despite this, Isabella is not discouraged. She joins the ranks of the Resistance and becomes a devoted activist for the cause of freedom. He risks his life to save many more lives. With courage, elegance and sharpness, renowned author Kristin Hannah utilizes the epic panorama of World War II and sheds light on an essential aspect of this story that is rarely addressed: the role of women in war. “The Girl of the Pyrenees” tells the story of two sisters separated for years, by different experiences, ideals and passions for life. Each follows its own dangerous path to survival, love and freedom, in German-occupied and war-torn France. “The Girl of the Pyrenees” is a beautiful and deeply touching novel that raises on the pedestal the invincibility of the human soul and the resilience of women in war. This is a novel that elevates man and life.

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