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Ana Benz, an American in their thirties fund, lives with a good Zurich family. Although she leads a comfortable, consolidated life, Anna feels bad spiritually. Unable to adapt to the Swiss world and because, even with her husband, Bruno, Ana clients see the new experience: language, with psychologists, as well as a series of love relationships, which create a problem. that wont even him himself. When she decides to set up a mutual fund, she discovers that it is not so easy. That is where the tensions start and the lies come out. After every moral limit, Ana crosses the right path, there is no turning back…
Sensual, intense and written with the precision of a Swiss watch, the novel “Mrs. Benz” by Jill Alexander Essbaum, is a lesson in marriage, infidelity, sex, morality, but all, it is a lesson in life. Anna’s story unfolds masterfully and tells us how as a result we not only find it, but also lose it.

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