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Ellen Marie Wiseman Mysteries of Clare

Ellen Marie Wiseman Misteret e Klares

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Told in two voices, the rare story of Clara and Izit manages to forgive “deep emotions” and a psychological game that culminates in surprising surprises. In 1929, Clara Cartwright finds herself between authoritarian parents and her boyfriend When she refuses to marry a boy of her own, she is locked up in an aristocratic center for the mentally ill, after which he loses his fortune and is forced to send his daughter to a state hospital. Many years later, Izi encounters Clara’s story while working at Willard Hospital, where, between piles of patients’ personal belongings, she finds a pile of unopened letters. a dozen-year-old diary and a window into her past.In trying to understand and unite all the pieces of Clara’s fate, Izi is forced to re-analyze the choices she has made in life.This, leads to shocking results and t unexpected for him.

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