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Who moved my cheese Spencer Johnson

Kush ma ka levizur djathin Spencer Johnson

Lexo ketu

“Who moved my cheese?” it is a simple allegory that reveals deep truths. It is a strange and heartbreaking story about four characters who live in a maze and seek “cheese” to eat and be happy. Two are mice, called Nuhata and Turra. Two are dwarfs, the size of mice, but who look and act almost like humans.

Their names are Reluctant and Zukata. “Cheese” is a metaphor for what you want out of life, a good job, a nice relationship, money, power, health or peace of mind. And the “maze” is where you look for what you want to achieve, the workplace, the family or the community where you live in. A story where the characters face a sudden change.

Eventually, one of them miraculously succeeds and writes on the walls of the maze what he had learned from this experience. When you look at the wall writings, you will discover for yourself how to cope with change, so you will have less stress and more success at work and in life.

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