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Dante Alighieri Divine Comedy

Dante Aligeri Komedia Hyjnore

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This book is the masterpiece of the millennium, which brings a journey of the inner world and human experiences, becoming a key stone of Western civilization for discovering the mystery of its identity. This publication brings in full its three parts, Hell, Purgatory, Paradise, which have been masterfully translated by Pashko Gjeçi. This is the fourth edition that has been published recently, in 2016, after the 1961 publications by Naim Frashëri Publishing House, the second edition in 1981 in Prishtina and the third edition in 2006 by Argeta LMG. This masterpiece is accompanied by the preface of Lazar Silic, made in 1959, which makes provocative the arrival of this complete work in Albanian, and its communication with our reader. The book is accompanied by an explanatory dictionary of the terms and concepts used by the author and an afterword prepared by the well-known translator and scholar Shpëtim Çuçka.

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