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Dead souls Nikollaj V. Gogol

Fryme te vdekura-Nikollaj V. Gogol

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Excerpt from the book: In the morning, even before the hour that was scheduled to be visited in the city of N., from the door of an orange wooden house, with blue bays and pillars, came out a lady dressed in an elegant Scottish circle , with squares, accompanied by a servant wearing a cloak that had several gold collars and ribbons, and with a round, sleek hat. At that moment the lady hurriedly climbed, with great haste, the hanging stairs of a chariot waiting in front of the door. The servant immediately closed the door of the chariot with a bang, climbed the stairs, got behind the straps behind the chariot, and shouted to the coachman, “Go!” The lady was carrying with her new news she had just heard and could not wait to share it as soon as possible. Comments from the author: “When I started reading to Pushkin the first chapters of ‘Dead Spirits’ as they were in the first hand, the one who always laughed when I read them (liked to laugh), little by little started to get gloomy until at last it became quite gloomy. And when the reading was over, he said in a voice full of sorrow, “O God, how sad is our Russia! I can write about Russia just by staying in Rome. Only there it comes before my eyes in all its fullness, in all its breadth. “Comment by Vladimir Nabokov:” In Gogol’s work, the comic is separated from the cosmos by only one letter. “

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