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Uncle Gorio Balzak

Xha Gorio Balzak

Lexo ketu

The publication of one of Balzac’s masterpieces, such as “Uncle Gorioi”, under a new translation and with a new look and appreciation, is a feed with special values ​​for Balzac’s pen as well as for Albanian culture and translations. With this new translation the Balzacian pen has been raised as it has been and remains in the elite of the Parisian aristocracy and culture.
Uncle Gorioi’s novel has been hailed as one of the mainstays of human comedy. Although this novel closes with Gorio’s death, the comedy continues. This powerful contrast is not only found in this work, but constitutes the essence of his creativity. The main theme of this novel is the fate of man in the family and in the society where he lives. The author himself has said that: the idea of ​​”Human Comedy” came to me from a comparison between humanity and animalism. Balzac, through the volume and rhythm of his writings, through the broad and societal conception of his work, managed to secure the admiration of his readers.

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