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Father Sergei L.N. Tolstoy

Ate Sergi L.N. Tolstoi

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“What a great look my father had when he left the studio satisfied with what he had done. He moved more deftly, his face was cheerful, his eyes smiling. “Sometimes he would roll over on one heel or put his foot on the back of a chair.” -Alexandra Tolstoy “Basically what is Tolstoy’s work? It is the cry of the world conscience. It is the conscience of each one of us, sincerely expressed by his most ardent and most sensitive heart. Tolstoy’s popularity in the world can be explained only by the simplicity and sincerity of his doctrine, which is addressed to everyone, reminding people of the same great truth, the same great moral effort, the realization of Love. “- Lev L’vovic Tolstoy [Tolstoy on his deathbed] In one corner lay not a mountain, but a emaciated old man, one of those elders created by Tolstoiuno, described in dozens of pages by him. Young fir trees grew all around. The sun in the west marked the room with four sloping beams of light. ”- Boris Pasternak It is the only figure of the past that in our time can be taken seriously. “- Elias Canetti” We have two Tsars: Nicholas II and Lev Tolstoy. Which is the strongest? Nicholas II is powerless against Tolstoy, he can not shake his throne, while Tolstoy is undoubtedly able to shake the throne of Nicholas and his dynasty. If anyone tries to touch Tolstoy, the whole world will shout. “- Alexei Suvorin” When you read Turgenev you know you are reading Turgenev. When you read Tolstoy, you read it because you can not stop. “- Vladimir Nabokov” In many ways remains the first prophet of our time. There is no one deep today. ”- Albert Einstein Tolstoy was the purest light that illuminated our youth in that dark twilight of mixed shadows of the twentieth century. XIX, that was setting. ”- Romain Rolland

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