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The evil deeds of the Great Powers
“Why, then, Albania, a small and underdeveloped country, plays
such an important role in the political life of Europe?
This question can be answered in its own right
the diplomatic turmoil of Europe. The short answer that position
geographical area of albania raises far more far-reaching problems than those
that may emerge from other Balkan states. Albania belongs to him
“Eastern issue” comprehensive, as it is the gate of
natural to emerge from the Adriatic to the East. It is the only one
hit exit of Balkan trade.
Finally, she rules the Strait of Otranto to enter
Adriatic. Its seaports along with Thessaloniki in the Aegean and
The Bosphorus is referred to as the gateway keys of Eastern Europe to the exit
in the Mediterranean. European diplomacy has been fighting for two centuries
who should hold these keys.

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