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Maksim Gorkit The Mother

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The work “Mother” is dedicated to the oppressed and exploited people, proletarians and peasants, who, enlightened by Marxist ideas, led by Lenin’s party went to the revolution. As such, this work had a great echo among Albanian readers because it played an important role in the development of the Albanian revolutionary movement, as in this work it was shown that the only way to save the working class is the way of revolution, which would be led by the party of the subjugated class. In the work we notice the dominance of the vernacular. From the vernacular the writer receives not only the rich lexical material, but also the order of the words. Ordinary vocabulary is the basic material from which the work is written. However, the writer uses not only its nominative meaning, but also the figurative one, the writer evokes deep emotions in the reader. context … In the work we notice the influence of the journalistic style of Lenin’s works, in the work we also encounter vulgarities. of some characters.In the work we notice a large number of proverbs, which attract attention Gorky replaces long constructions with proverbs and in this way expresses his laconic, concise thoughts, with an extremely great force. Through proverbs the author achieves his goal, to make the language of the work dynamic. They have the rigor of clearly social, because the writer wants to say his opinion about the bourgeois class. Almost all the proverbs have been translated literally. Such a translation is not wrong, but it would be better if they were translated with the corresponding equivalents of the Albanian language . Even earlier we take into account the fact that the Albanian language is extremely rich in various proverbs

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