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Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen

Krenari dhe paragjykim Jane Austen

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This novel brings a love story, one of the most beautiful of English literature. Jane Austen’s perfect pen draws the reader into a universe that belongs as much to the past as it does to the present, to a society where materialism and sensibility, female and male being, truth and falsehood are confronted. Pride and prejudice confirm Jane Osten’s foresight, which notes that free market laws will change society once and for all. If once the life of the individual was programmed from birth, depending on stratum, family, titles or sex, the free market society will offer countless new opportunities. Not only is it time for women to be offered the same opportunities as men, but also for personal merit to be rewarded. The question that arises in the novel is: “How should a spouse be chosen, for money or with love?” What should solve this dilemma, is her heroine, intelligent girl, with humor and rich world and above all with demands. The girl who recognizes the value of herself and who refuses to be a victim of monetary compromises, but will build a life with a husband who can be called a friend. And she is Elizabeth Bennett.
Jane and Elizabeth Bennett are not only sisters but also close friends. They share hopes and dreams. When Jane falls in love, Elizabeth gets excited for him. But Jane’s dream is shattered and Elizabeth knows who is to blame: Darcy, a handsome and proud gentleman, that man whom Elizabeth loves and hates at the same time! How do Benet girls finally find love? This is one of the most popular and beloved stories ever narrated.

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